DevOps Engineer

Standort: Paris, Île-de-France Gehalt: €400 - €500 per annum
Bereich: Consultancy Bereich: Freiberufler
Reference #: CR/056602_1543228286

DevOps Engineer / 6 months / Paris / Start ASAP
As part of a project in the field of Energy, we are looking for an Ops profile to intervene in agile teams (set up autonomous team DevOps).
Its mission will be to:
The activities envisaged: - Monitoring & KPI: Implementation of technical indicators and applications of good health professions (choice of tools, adaptation of business code, health checks, etc.).
- Management of logs and exceptions: improvement of the messages, tools of concentration and analysis of logs.
- Robustness, robustness and capacity planning: elimination of weak points, implementation of degraded modes and mechanisms of protection against saturation (e.g.: Circuit Breaker Pattern), Action plans of Load test, Plan d adding capacity.
- Security: patches to apply, company security rules, etc. - Reliability of production releases: progressive activation (feature toggle) or partial (canary testing) of features, integration, etc. - Processes and tools: improvement of dev / prod processes, alignment and sharing of tools. - Follow-up of the master plan: management of version upgrades of middleware, technical migrations, rationalisation of environments.
- Evolutions of the application and the infrastructure: refactoring of the infrastructure, introduction of new technologies, plan of increase in competence.
The technical perimeter:
- Application: Microservice Java Springboot, batch Spark, Front Angular 5
- Continuous Integration: GITLab, Jenkins
- Infrastructure: Centos / Redhat 7, Openshift, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Cassandra BDD and MySQL, Amazon AWS cloud
- Supervision: Pinpoint, ELK, Dynatrace
Experience required:
+ 5 years Mandatory technical skills: cf. technical scope. An ability to accompany the customer and the agile team in setting up the DevOps is a big plus.