Dutch Speaking Project Manager Officer

Standort: Netherlands Gehalt: €70 - €75 per hour
Bereich: Consultancy Bereich: Freiberufler
Reference #: CR/072914_1596707729

Dutch Speaking Project Manager Officer / Netherlands / 3 months / Start 1st Sept

In order to manage the change mission of the Executive Board IV, to provide overview & insight and monitoring of various start-ups and already ongoing actions of the Executive Board IV, adIV is looking for two Project Management Officer (PMO) who:
− supports in setting up a programme structure together with an administratively responsible manager; − organises regular alignment with adIV,the change board and the change tables; − organises the alignment with the programme management team of the CD IV&D; − provides support for the Directorate IV for track 2, track 4 and track 5; − coordinates and implements the steering on the various ongoing improvement actions, including those that are not linked to a specific track but are initiated from the (central director) table; The PMO-ersers are asked to help the responsible General Project Manager to set up the organisation in such a way that the end
2020 the entire organisation can be transferred to the responsible internal manager(s) and employees. An important part of the work is therefore the setting up of the organisation and making the equipment transferable before the end of the year.
NOTE: We ask the Project Management Officer(s) not only to develop and manage programmes, but also to advise on strategic, administrative and change aspects and to strengthen the intrinsic motivation of those involved. This includes being familiar with coaching competencies because we expect you to not only come to help and support but also transfer knowledge to your own employees.

The Iv Directorate has recently started implementing an extensive improvement programme. The impetus comes from the reports of supervisors and consultancies that investigated the client. The reports of KPMG and EY (see chamber pieces) are the most well-known, but reports from BIT, ADR and ARK are also a source of further actions to improve. On the basis of the EY and KPMG plans, a steering committee has been set up at the level of the Group Management IV&D, consisting of 5 tracks(1. portfolio management, 2. Company ing and CTO function Directorate IV, 3. Chains, 4. Result-oriented steering, 5 Life Cycle management).
Track 2, 4 and 5 are operated by The Directorate IV.
The BD-wide steering committee is supported by; the General Project Manager and two Project Management Officers to be appointed and monitors the implementation of the KPMG and EY improvement actions on the basis of PvAs, status reports and a risclog. Within the Directorate IV, a broader programmatic approach is chosen via 5 change lines. As a result, the Improvement Actions land in a broader context with which the Executive Board can take a step forward. The change takes place on the basis of the themes Business, Technology, Culture, Organisation and Implementation. The MT of the Executive Board IV functions as a directorial table, and is consulted by a change board. The themes are controlled at change tables based on visual management from the Obeya approach

Obeya method
3 years master in business, organisational or business economics training Agile work

Taking initiative, planning, organising, result orientation, very strong coaching and writing skills, daring and drive to improve.

We are looking for someone who can support the General Project Manager at a strategic level. Knowledge of working in complex government organisations is an important condition. The process is characterised by high political sensitivity, a large number of stakeholders, varying explicit and implicit administrative agendas.

As a PMO'er you act as the right-hand man of the General Project Manager and always play an advisory and executive role. You think along with the IV organisation and set up initiatives yourself from the role of PMO to shape the politically sensitive improvements. Do you want to develop yourself from a position as an (experienced) Project Management Officer,do you like to dive into the world of Prince2, Agile and Obeya?? Then we would like to get in touch with you!