LabVantage Master Data Builder

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Master Data in Labvantage

Not a Developer mostly functional use of system as a system admin - master data builder, where they go in within the functional pieces of the LabVantage Software to be able to set it up for data entry. Need background doing data base development or special customization

Experience within masterdata building portion in LabVantage

Be able to use frontend of program to develop the analyst interface for On-going Project. Reviewing Lab procedures and documentation. Explaining it to customers. Building master data

Doing more frontend using, the program the way it`s development, system admin

At least 1 year LabVantage Software

Groovy is the script to the LabVantage software.

Java that would be already helpful


New things coming their new products coming in that the system has to be set up for so that the testing can be done

Building master data to set up for instruments will connect with system

Design of flow of data that comes in is set up so that analysts enter the data into the system

Functionality of it: making changes to configuration but this more maintenance, introduction of new products into system rather than installing the system

15 years with master data creation and configuration NOT 15 years just entering data from testing

Very highly regulated environment - need to know that everything has to be documented etc.