Senior AI Software Engineer

Standort: Sweden, Sweden Gehalt: Up to 1kr per hour
Bereich: IT Service Provider Bereich: Freiberufler
Reference #: CR/063673_1565969171

As a Senior AI Software Engineer, you will work together with data scientist and machine learning engineer in an Agile team, bring the state of art machine learning model into production.

Technical Competences

Mandatory requirements:
* A seasoned software engineer (5+ years) with strong mindset of building scalable and high quality software products
* Experience creating unit tests, integration tests, and automation tests for production applications
* Excellent programming skills in Python 3, not only being familiar with the language but also fully aware of best practices, code structure, idiomatic code and development workflow
* Hands-on experience in different kinds of infrastructure development tasks, such as creating Jenkins pipelines, Docker containers and registries, operating Kubernetes clusters or administrating Azure services
* Experience in tech leadership and coaching
* Familiar with development process in agile teams, comfortable with design discussions, pair programming and code reviews

* Working knowledge of
- Python 3
- Numpy, Pandas

* Knowledge about common toolboxes used in the field
- Spark, Hadoop, Hive
- Scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch
- Prometheus, Grafana, ELK

* Redis, PostgreSQL, Airflow