CompriseIT was founded by IT professionals from a SAP and Microsoft background. They believed in the long-term value of well planned and architected SAP solutions balanced against a strong desire to create practical solutions that delivered value to the business.


CompriseIT is an IT consultancy that specialises in providing services to help clients make the most of their investment in SAP software. Until recently, CompriseIT had handled recruitment in-house, but it realised there was untapped potential to find good people for its business. “We didn’t feel we were tapping into all possible sources of recruits and while we were doing well in capturing people who were actively looking for jobs, we weren’t finding people who were happy in their existing position,” says Owen Pettiford, consulting director at CompriseIT. “We wanted to do more on the advanced side of recruitment.”


To improve how it found and recruited people, CompriseIT turned to RED, who provided a consultant working on-site at CompriseIT’s head office for two days each week. Having this presence enables RED to fully handle the company’s recruitment, at a comparable cost to having an in-house recruitment manager, and gives CompriseIT access to RED’s expertise and contacts in SAP staffing. “We had an established relationship where RED had recruited people for us over time”, says Pettiford. “We knew they were specialists in SAP, so that made them a natural choice – we didn’t look elsewhere.” The on-site consultant from RED works with CompriseIT’s operations manager to understand what demand is coming into the company’s pipeline and hence what resources are needed. He also works with the appropriate manager to define a job specification and salary expectations. Once the role is defined, RED’s consultant handles advertising, the initial filtering of candidates, and arranging first and second interviews.


“RED has delivered good quality candidates, who I don’t think we would have found through conventional job ads”, says Pettiford.